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Feedback is owned and operated by GeoCel Enterprises, Inc, a privately-owned company in California that has been successfully operating for well over a decade.  Its flagship business is its "mobile and multi-lingual" paramedical firm, supported by an excellent office staff and a network of certified phlebotomists.  The paramedical firm primarily serves insurance companies, which depend on fast and reliable physical examinations of life insurance applicants.  Other services offered are drug and alcohol screenings for employment and duplication of medical records for medical and legal purposes.

It is a fact that DNA testing services have become more common than ever for health, medical and legal reasons.  However, many of the DNA testing labs do not have the DNA collection facilities nor the staffing in place to serve California.  In quick response, GeoCel adapted its resources to better serve these DNA testing labs by providing "mobile" and in-house DNA collection services in California.  GeoCel, under its division called, fills this gap by supporting DNA testing lab services with a viable and cost-effective alternative to setting up their own collection services facilities and staffing! 

Whether you are a DNA testing lab or an individual requiring a DNA test, choose for its high standards of reliability and dependability and the track record as one of the most successful paramedical firms in California.  GeoCel only partners with DNA testing labs accredited by one or more of these accrediting agencies:  American Association of Blood Banks (AABB), College of American Pathologist (CAP), National Forensic Science Technology Center (NFSTC).  You too can count on!

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