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The Department of State requires that any DNA testing for visa and citizenship purposes must be done by a lab that is AABB-accredited. is an affiliate of Chromosomal Laboratories, Inc. based in Arizona.  Chromosomal Laboratories, Inc. is AABB-accredited and is a leading analytical laboratory specializing in DNA analysis for immigration to U.S.A., forensic casework, convicted offender databasing, paternity, maternity, family reconstruction, ancestry, and research and development.

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Genetic Testing Procedures 

  • First you must select a laboratory listed on the above website directly, and make the necessary arrangements (including payments) for conducting the genetic test. At your request, the laboratory will send a buccal swab kit and explicit instructions. 

  • After the U.S. Consulate General receive the testing kit, they will contact the beneficiary to come to the Consulate for collection of biological samples (buccal samples of the U.S. petitioner, if required, can be collected in the United States by the same U.S. lab. 

  • Biological samples will be taken by a panel physician at the Consulate. Per person will be charged for the service by the panel physician. 

  • The samples will be returned to the designated laboratory in the U.S. 

  • The lab must send the testing results directly to the address of your instruction letter from U.S. Consulate General.

***Due to complexity of immigration DNA testing we do not offer an online order form. We have special immigration department that is dedicated to serving our immigration clients needs.  Please call us toll free at 1(800)559-8585 to speak with our informative case manager who will assist with your specific needs. ***

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