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Feedback is not a DNA test laboratory.  It is the DNA "collection" service business of GeoCel Enterprises, Inc.  GeoCel has on-site collection facilities in Los Angeles and a network of multilingual, certified paramedical and medical professionals throughout California.  It collects DNA sample at the request of the client (testing labs or private individuals) and, within hours, the DNA sample is carefully transported to the DNA test laboratory, where testing is conducted and results determined and reported to the client.  What appears below are general information about DNA testing which can easily be obtained from many sources.  Much of the information below are from brochures obtained from testing labs, which partner or affiliate with 

DNA paternity testing ("profiling") can provide a 100% guarantee that the man being tested is NOT the biological father.  The report will exclude this person from being the biological father and provide a list of genetic exceptions.  A certain combined paternity index is required to legally assign paternity.  Testing that will constitute as being legal (court admissible) are typically more expensive, because there are higher standards involved in testing.  There are private paternity tests (non-admissible in court of law) and there are home test kits as well.  Other DNA tests are nutritional genetic testing, ancestry testing, immigration, criminal paternity, and kinship analysis.  

Sample collection is pain-free.  A cotton-tipped applicator is swirled around on the inside of the cheek rubbing off a few "buccal cells."  This non-invasive sample collection can be performed in the privacy of your own home by a mobile technician that will visit you or at a local designated collection center, such as our facility on Wilshire Boulevard.  All information is kept strictly confidential and will not be released to anyone except the person(s) listed on the original paperwork and identified appropriately.


Paternity Test - Private
1 Mother    
1 Father 5 - 7 Business Days $300
1 Child    
Paternity Test - Court-Admissible (Legal)
1 Mother    
1 Father 5 - 7 Business Days $350
1 Child    
Each Additional Sample $150
*Prices are subject to change without notice.  Other DNA tests may be more or less than those published above.

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